Hi there!

After spending an intense one year understanding the comparative matrix and the 33 individual criteria listed by the ARB, I was able to successfully pass the PART 1 exam in the first attempt whilst satisfying 32 of the 33 criteria on the basis of my evidence material and portfolio before the interview round. But, while preparing for the exam I realized that there was little or no help available within the public domain with regards to understanding and preparing for these exams, and that's when I thought of building a bridge to fill in the gaps in order to be able to do my bit for many others like me from around the world that feel helpless as they find themselves staring at the comparative matrix not knowing where to begin. I have successfully mentored over a dozen Architecture Graduates from around the world belonging to 13 different nationalities in the past 2 years and continue to do so with the primary intention of providing guidance and support. 

No two people or portfolios are alike, so every mentorship course is tailor made to best suit your individual pace and requirements.

Looking forward to connecting with you :) 

- Huda 



Bastien Lefebvre, France


 "I finally have some starting point to build my supporting materials after my first session with Huda.

Especially the template method she has drafted for each project, and the way to re-order all of the criteria using her methods. Her responses were objective and easy to understand. Mainly, the motivation and the support of going through the criteria with her was something that helped me move forward. As I am going through each individual sub-criteria, I may have other questions that might appear, but I feel more confident finding an answer on my own now, and it is a comforting feeling to know that I can always reach out and arrange another session to discuss my doubts. 

Huda is very friendly and responsive, and has transmitted much needed motivation!"

Yasmin Hadboui, Algeria


"I hold a masters degree in architecture and urbanism that I completed in Algeria, I had no idea how to begin preparing for the ARB exam, until I found this mentor that I am so thankful for. Huda was very helpful and answered all my queries first during our zoom calls and then by emails whenever I had an urgent question, she replied to emails immediately and gave me the courage and confidence I needed to not give up."

 Sarah Mizran, Malaysia


"I have a Bachelor's degree from Malaysia and I have successfully passed my part 1 ARB exam after signing up for Huda's mentorship program. She reviewed all my work and advised and helped me tremendously to understand the ARB criteria effectively and how to provide the appropriate evidence. I definitely recommend Huda as she is very knowledgeable of the ARB criteria, the application and preparation process and is very reliable."

Tom Chun, China


"The best part about the mentorship was to have the full disclosure of Huda's portfolio and application so that I could get a sense of understanding of the requirement of the exam.  Furthermore, I really appreciate the tips and tricks on the application process and procedure. Those have been extremely helpful as well."

Daniella Asare, United Kingdom


"I hold a Bachelors in Interior Design & Architecture from London.

My experience has very been helpful with Huda and appreciate her advice and support. She was able to break down the matrix in a concise way which gives a better level of understanding."

Anuj Bhatt, India


"Your guidance and materials have truly been helpful so far! It is so good to have some reference or guidance for such preparation where nothing is available 'literally'. Our first chat itself has been very insightful and I am currently using your guidance and suggestions in creating my portfolio. 

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and discussing my preparation process further

Nikolai Larsen, Denmark


"After my discussions with Huda I now have got a clear idea of what additions have to be made. It's good to have a starting point and know exactly what needs to be worked on to satisfy all the 33 criteria listed."

Selmath Beevi, India


"My first session with Huda has now given me a great starting point for my ARB Preparation. I find Huda’s session very helpful and has given me a clearer idea on ARB exam application, procedure and preparation. In addition Huda’s portfolio and other documents have given me a great level of understanding for the exam preparation.

Huda is a very friendly person, and the way things were explained was very easy to understand. During and after the session Huda was prompt at replying to all my questions.

Thanks again and I look forward to further sessions as I progress through my portfolio."

Please feel free to get in touch below for further details about the mentorship course, or just drop me a message to say hello and share your experience of giving the exams.

I am rather chatty and love connecting with new people :)