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I am Huda Patel, a 1st Class graduate in Architecture (PART 2 equivalent) from the University of Pune, India. Having passed the RIBA/ARB Part 1 examination I last worked as an Assistant Project Manager at MET Studio Design in London on the Mobility Pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020 and am currently working as a Project Administrator at Eric Parry Architects.


A proficiency in simultaneously creating captivating design and optimal functionality has allowed me to create works that engage emotion. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey through this wonderful craft and am looking to embrace the opportunity to expand upon the  knowledge I have acquired thus far. 


A healthy balance of study and experience in practice has prepared me for my next step - to immerse myself in a creative and professional environment that will supplement my growth as an architect.

huda 3-Recovered.jpg




Light rolling off the curves of a façade or the crisp clear definition of straight lines all evoke a deep emotion of passion from within and can leave the observer in awe. The marriage of intuitive design and optimal functionality makes architecture a thing of beauty. I invite you to observe the bond I share with this form of craft by viewing samples of some of my best works.


The eclectic appeal and enticement of art has captured my heart from a fledgling age. Bold colours, perspective, subtle shades are all intricacies that absorb me wholly. Put me anywhere in the world and equip me with a brush and a canvas and I feel ease, I feel comfort.. I feel at home.


We encounter much beauty throughout our daily lives yet our limited memory hinders us from truly capturing and appreciating. Photography not only affords me the opportunity to retain every detail but also graces me with a means to glorify the  beauty of little things in everyday life. The photographer in me is an extension of the artist that resides within.



Synergising my enamour of art and photography to work towards a purpose fills me with great pleasure. A skillset I have been able to exercise through my work as a branding manager. Creating captivating and aesthetically pleasing compilations that accentuate the appeal of other people's products is an opportunity I am truly grateful for.



A great amount of guidance, influence and inspiration has presented itself in the form of a great book. 'A candle does not lose its light by sharing its light' - by this very adage I invite you to share some of my recent reads in the hope that they can benefit you as much as they have done so for me.

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