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sos village 

A residential campus was designed on a sloping site in Shillong, Assam. The topography and contours on the site dictated the zoning and planning of the ‘Village’. Local construction techniques and materials were used while designing the structures.

The culture, vernacular construction technologies, and intellectual histories of Shillong were studied in depth and were then applied in the design of an S.O.S Village in Shillong.

Siting, human scale and needs of the unique user group were main considerations for the design. The layout steps down with the terrain and helps it to integrate with the context of the slope.

​The construction was designed in the vernacular style, where traditionally labour and building materials are easily available, and provide the community with an opportunity to work, hence each new construction becomes a community effort. This design brings together the people of the community and adds value to its surroundings.

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